Wedding Hillbilly Of Lilli Marlene

Lyrics Shared By: Jennifer

Homer: Come on there, Lilli. Get out of bed and put your shoes on. Today’s your wedding day.

June: Eh, Paw, don’t you bother me now. I’m tired.

Homer: Oh, come on, Lilli. The folks are all a waiting.

June: Oh, Paw, I never can get enough sleep around here.

Homer and Jethro:
There were tears in the crowded congregation
They had cried, ‘til they washed their faces clean
There was free lunch and beer and recreation
At the wedding of Lilli Marlene

Men who dated her for season after season
From Kentucky, Alabam, and Tennessee
Come from miles around, but only for one reason
Just to see who the sucker would be

From the kitchen you could smell the beans a baking
You could smell the possum frying far and wide
You could hear guitars and fiddles softly faking
The melody called here comes the bride

Homer and Jethro:
Down the aisle come old Paw in all his glory
A slowly dragging Lilli by the hand
But the groom he was already at the altar
He saw the shotgun in Paw’s other hand

Jethro: Do you take this man to be your wedded husband
Said the parson in these words so pure and plain
June: I sure do, but there’s just one other question
Homer: What’s that Lilli?
June: Please, tell me, sir. What is this here feller’s name

Homer and Jethro:
There were tears in the crowded congregation
When the wedding bells rang throughout the land
June: You could hear all the women folk a saying
Homer and Jethro and June:
Oh, Lilli’s finally got herself a man

(sound of shotgun)
Jethro: I do.
June: Me too.

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