The Huckle Buck

Lyrics Shared By: Jennifer

Homer and Jethro:
Here’s a dance you should know
When the lights are down low
Grab your baby then go

Homer and Jethro and June Carter:

Do the huckle buck
Do the huckle buck
If you don’t how to do it
Boy, you’re out of luck
Push your partner out
Then you hunch your back
Start a little movement in your sacroiliac
Wiggle like a snake
Waddle like a duck
That’s the way you do it
When you do the huckle buck

June: Homer?
Homer: Huh?
June: Suppose you and Jethro sing for all music lovers.
Homer: We’ll do it

Homer and Jethro:
Now you drink some home brew
From some chicken shoe
June: Phew!
Chase it with old mountain dew
Everybody stop we’re going to dance a dance
Grab yourself a chicken just be careful who you grab
Shake a little there, shake a little here
Then you double clutch it and you throw it out of gear
Hold your baby tight, swing her to the right
‘Til her eyeballs start a blinking like a caution light

If the dance should drag
Then you grab some old hag
And you jitter bang

Homer and Jethro and June:
Do the huckle buck
Do it kind of slow
You grab your partner then you shuffle off to Buffalo
Take a dip of snuff
Dip it kind of loose
If you can’t find a cutter
Just sputter all the juice
Papa’s feeling low
I think he’s out of luck
Mama told him he’s too old To do the huckle buck

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