Poor Valley Girl

Lyrics Shared By: Terry

She never could give up the homestead on the farm
Where they handed off toboacco in the big tobacco barn,
And the long straight road that ran from the house down to the road
That went to AP Carter's Store, down the logging truck she road.

Oh, she'd sit and she'd gaze at the foggy mountain top
Where the swift hawk circled 'round the Clinch Mountain rocks.
At the school down in Hiltons, she'd read about the world
Created to be conquered by this Poor Valley Girl.

Her mother was an Addington, from over Copper Creek
Her father was of strudy stock, she was royal but meek.
Her laughter was infectious, her music was pure joy.
And she'd win the herats of many men, as she had many a boy.

Her mother became famous, Maybelle and her guitar
With sisters Helen and Anita, the family was four star.
She gave the world two daughters, and a son with auburn curls
And I thank God that he gave me this sweet Poor Valley Girl.

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