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1/8/09- 12/07/09

Reviews - June Carter Cash

Thanks to Jennifer we have more song lyrics added to the website, so be sure to check them out. Most of the website updates are being made on Facebook, so if you haven't already add us as a friend! http://www.facebook.com/jcartercash. I hope everyone has a good Hanukkah/Christmas!!

We currently have 345 friends on Facebook! Add us as a friend to meet other fans and get first hand Carter/Cash updates! I have temporarily removed the video and song of the week from the website. I simply don't have the time to update them right now. Sorry for any inconvenience. I will bring them both back as soon as I am able to.

Sorry for the lack of updates on this site, I have mainly just being doing them for the monthly newsletter I send out. Here are a few things that need your attention:

1. If you are currently a member of the June Carter Newsletter you need to re-register! I am using a new program to send out the newsletters and it needs everyone to sign up again. If you do not re-register you will no longer receive the newsletters. All the members should have gotten an email from me already, but just in-case you didn't hopefully you read this. You can re-register by clicking HERE. With the new newsletter management system you can even have the newsletters sent to your mobile device.

2. WE HAVE A FACEBOOK!!! Add us as a friend! This link will take you to our page: http://www.facebook.com/people/June-Carter-Cash/100000191536260

I'm sure most of you didn't know this, but this June site had a sister site dedicated to Carlene. I just found out today, that the site is no longer running due to the lack of activity and participation. Wetpaint isn't a private web hosting service so they can actually delete websites off their server with no activity. Thank you everyone who is an active member on this site and is striving to keep the memory of June alive. We have all worked very hard to maintain and keep this site active and the longer we can do that, the longer we can keep our site. Thanks everyone!


Happy 80th Birthday June!
News - June Carter Cash Remembered

I am sad to report that Cindy Cash's husband was found dead alongside the road on Saturday. Please keep Cindy and her family in your thoughts. You can read the article about the incident here: http://www.venturacountystar.com/news/2009/jun/06/missing-ventura-man-found-dead-in-motorcycle/

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! We have a couple new song lyrics added on our lyrics page so please check it out! I just updated both the video and song of the week. Instead of updating the video of the week on Tuesday and the song of the week on Thursday, I'm going to update both of them on Tuesday. If you would like to see anyhting else added/changed on the site, please let me know!

Today marked the 6th Anniversary of June's passing. Please keep June and her family in your thoughts.

News - June Carter Cash Remembered

For those of you that haven't heard the news actress Bea Arthur passed away this morning. She was 86 years old. Bea Arthur was well known for playing the character "Dorothy" from the show "The Golden Girls." Her legacy will live on and she will be missed. Please keep her family in your thoughts.

News - June Carter Cash Remembered

Sorry for the lack of updates lately.....this is my last semester of school and everything has just been crazy. For those of you that didn't know, the forum on Vivian's website is no longer available...I heard from former posters that it was getting kinda crazy over there. I hope everyone has a great Easter :)

News - June Carter Cash Remembered
I'm sure many of you have noticed that there are websites out there that bash both June and Vivian. THIS WEBSITE IS NOT ONE OF THEM. This website is dedicated to the memory and legacy of June Carter. Out of respect for both June and Vivian please refrain from bashing either one of them on ANY website!



News - June Carter Cash

Happy 41st Anniversary June and John!!!!

News - June Carter Cash

Sorry its been so long since I've written anything, I've been really busy lately! That being said, if anyone wants to volunteer their time to help me with our June Carter Newsletter that would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you are interested.

The forum doesn't seem like its getting much use, so I'm actually considering getting rid of it. It's a lot of work keeping the forum updated and running and since nobody is taking advantage of it, its a waste of my time. Let me know what you guys think about it. If you guys starting using the forum then I have no problem keeping it.


Since this is a new year, I moved all the news updates from 2008 into the "Archive News" section of the site. I also applied a new blue template to the site to change things up a little.

I noticed that there is a "lack" of activity on the June Carter Forum, so please post something and try to get a conversation started with other members. You all voted and said you wanted a forum, but hardly anyone is using it. If you have any suggestions for the site please don't hesitate to email me or leave comments on this site or on the forum. Hope everyone has a great 2009!

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