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Reviews - June Carter Cash


Happy Birthday, June!

Okie dokie peoples. So we have a new song of the day up "Good Old Fashioned Hoe Down" courtesy of The Carter Sisters, Mother Maybelle and Chet Atkins with his Famous Guitar. Have a good listen and enjoy the weekend. I recently got some new articles so when I have time to catch my breath hopefully I can put them up; until then toot-a-loo!

Well, aside from the usual weekly updates not too much new stuff has been added and we can blame that on John Carter's book. I highly recommend it for any fan of June Carter who has not read it yet. I won't go into too much detail so that you can all figure out your opinions for yourself but I enjoyed it. And I am just happy that June Carter Cash finally has her own biography out instead of just being a foot note in a nother Johnny Cash biography, lol.

There have been a gew new autographed pictures added and some new links and reviews, too, so go check it out until we get time to put up more treasures for the eyes and ears.


News - June Carter Cash
Tomorrow is Memorial Day,so for all Americans take a moment to say thank you to the men and women who have died for our country. Thank you to all our soldiers here and gone and we hope that you come home soon!

There are some new pictures up in the Early June and Middle Years pages so go take a look. And Claudia has made her very own June Carter website and it is very fantastic so go check it out.


TV Listings for June Carter Cash


Johnny Cash Johnny Cash. Included: touring with Elvis; overcoming amphetamine addiction; marriage to June Carter; comments from band members, daughter Rosanne Cash, Tom Petty. 60 minutes- TV-PG, USA, 1998, (CC)
Mon May 21 11:00P on Biography Channel Tue May 22 03:00A on Biography Channel

Johnny Cash Uncut: 60 Minutes Special

“60 Minutes” interviews with Johnny Cash, including previously unseen footage. 30 minutes- None, USA, 2005, (CC), Stereo
Thu May 31 03:30P on Country Music TV

Johnny Cash in San Quentin

The Man in Black performs at San Quentin Prison. Songs include “I Walk the Line,” “Wanted Man” and “A Boy Named Sue.” 60 minutes- None, USA, 1969
Tue May 22 03:00P on Country Music TV

Hip, hip, hooray! The new site name is Keep On the Sunnyside: June Carter Cash Remembered.

News - June Carter CashToday is the fourth anniversary of June's death (May 15, 2003); take a moment to remember the great lady we all loved who made us laugh and cry. She was a terrific woman whose impact continues to reverberate throughout the lives of those she touched. We love you June and hope that you are with the Father in Paradise.

"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live" John 11:25

Sorry it's a bit late but
News - June Carter Cash

Sorry for the lack of regular updating. It seems life has been rearing it's head lately. I'll try to get more new things up soon when I can find some spare minutes. Until then God bless and make sure to cherish those you love, you never know when you'll lose them.

We put up another video in the Grand Ole Opry 3 Section and Katie has added more insightful comments in the Reviews Section. We have also added another article.

We are also going to be coming up with a poll to find out what we should call this website; so if you have a suggestion leave a comment and we'll put it in the Poll.

The new Song of the Week is up, it is Chet Atkins and June Carter singing their rendition of Reuben, Reuben with a few risque jokes thrown in for good measure. We have also added an Artwork section and the Singers and Sweethearts article has been finished so go take a look.

A new Article has been added, it's actually a sort of Obituary/memorial from just after June's passing. So far all the articles' pictures have been added. If you have trouble viewing the pictures let us know so we can adjust it. There have also been Pictures added to a new Later Years 2 section.

I'm attempting to put up Singers and Sweethearts and also the Johnny Cash Comic Book from the early 70s, so keep your eye out for those!

The newest Video of the Week is up! And we are currently in the process of adding the pictures to all the previously posted articles, so go take a second look at the Articles page.

Also Katie has posted her hilarious Reviews of some of June's albums and books, so go see if you agree with her or not and post a comment telling us what you think of June's albums and books.

More videos have been added to the Grand Ole Opry 2 and 3 section. And Keep On the Sunny Side: Her Life In Music has been added to the Music section.

In other breaking news my scanner has finally been fixed so I put up copies of the Hoedown magazine with June Carter and Carl Smith, I hope to put more articles and pictures up soon. So keep your eye out for them.

There is a new Song of the Week up. It is "Anchored In Love" from June's Wildwood Flower album, Janette Carter sings lead and June and Joe Carter sing harmony. This Song of the Week is dedicated in memory to the 33 souls we recently lost at Virginia Tech and our prayers are with the families and those that remain.

Katie has added a few new Quotes, they're at the waaaaay bottom of the page.

A lot more videos have been added to the Grand Ole Opry section, and to avoid overloading we've added a second page for it.

We are also finally getting more pictures up! Yay! Sorry it took so long I really had to rearrange my photobucket.

We have also added a new Video of the Week, it's June singing "Tennessee" with Homer & Jethro on the Johnny Cash Show.

And here's a press release that Barry and Linda Gibb released regarding the Hendersonville Home:


Nashville, TN (April 16, 2007) – Regarding the Nashville home formerly owned by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash and purchased by Barry and Linda Gibb in 2006, which burned down on April 10, 2007, the Gibb family has released the following statement:

“Linda and I have decided to build our own home on the higher ground surrounding the Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash home and the original foundations shall be kept in tact and preserved for the people of Hendersonville and the people of Nashville.
This land is sacred land to all of us here and must be protected forever. To the Cash Carter families we owe the highest respect and the deepest regret that our dream could not be realized. Now there is a new dream for us and a new beginning.”

By popular request Appalachian Pride is the new Song of the Week!

More videos have been added to the Grand Ole Opry section and more should be coming soon.

And in case anyone was wondering the Poems, Jokes and Juneisms; Quick Facts and Quotes sections have all been moved to the This 'n' That section. It's a stupid name, I know that, but I couldn't think of anything else. If anyone has a better name for it let me know and I'll change it.

In case anyone hasn't heard June's former house on the lake has burned down. It's very, very sad; but thankfully no one was hurt except for minor smoke inhalation. For more information go here.


Well, another Video section has been added. Since there are so many videos of June on the Grand Ole Opry I figured it deserved it's own section instead of putting them all in Comedy and overloading it. So here's the link.


News - June Carter Cash
Since it's the Easter weekend coming up the new song is "Jesus" by Johnny Cash and June sings harmony. I would have picked one that June sang lead on, but none of them really fit the holiday. Besides . . . I guess Johnny Cash is ok.

Since I don't update on weekend everyone have a HAPPY EASTER! And as my grandma likes to say take a moment to remember that "it wasn't the Easter bunny who died for your sins".

Okay, I finally posted the newest Carter Sisters album. It's in the Music section if anyone wants to have a listen. There are a lot of June solo's, but the tracks with Mother Maybelle, Helen, Anita and Chet Atkins are really terrific as well.

The new Video of the Week is up on the Home page, it is June's 2003 rendition of "Keep On The Sunnyside". Hope you enjoy it!

Have just added Wildwood Flower to the Music section so go enjoy it!

And just so everyone knows; you may have noticed that the Music, Chat and Video pages have been all put under a Multimedia Section in order to try and keep the website a little more clean looking. Nothing's been deleted and any links should still work.

We've added a new Song of the Week. It is June doing a bit of comedy with Faron Young then launching into It's My Lazy Day with her family backing her up.

We have also uploaded June's 1999 album Press On into the Music section, so go have a listen.

Hello everyone! To celebrate the site's 1,000th visitor we've added a page listing Quick Facts and just fun little things about June Carter and her life. Go take a look and enjoy!

By the way, I just got the new Carter Sisters CD and it is terrific. I'll try to post it when I can.

Summer and Katie have added a new Autograph page showcasing their wonderful Carter/Cash autographs and a new video has been added to the Home Page so go take a look.

Katie also created a number of new pictures at the beginning of each section so be sure to leave her a message telling her how great hey look.

The new Song of the Week is "The Wedding of Hillbilly Lilly Marlene" that June recorded in 1949 with the duo Homer and Jethro. The recording is very scratchy, but it's hilarious; so go have a listen.

The album Lousiana Hayride has been added to the Music section so go have a listen!

Today the new Carter Sisters album is being released. When I get it I'll try to post it up on Imeem for your listening pleasure.

We have added June's first solo album Appalachian Pride to the Music section so go have a listen.

The Pictures page is slowly making progress, and hopefully one of these days we'll get around to updating the Videos page with all the great videos that June fans have been posting lately.

The album "Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle with Chet Atkins" has been put into the Music section.

Hey all. Well we've had a lot of updates. A new Video of the Week, we've added a Verse of the Day. And added three new Music files. We are also currently under construction in the Pictures section. Thank you for your patience.

News - June Carter Cash
Also, don't forget to order your new Carter Sisters CD

Track List
1. Blue Ridge Mountain Blues ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
2. Money Marbles And Chalk ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
3. Why Do You Weep Dear Willow ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
4. Guitar Solo ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
5. Wedding Bells ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
6. In The Pines ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
7. Skip To My Lou ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
8. Tennessee Tears ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
9. The Gold Watch And Chain ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
10. Sourwood Mountain ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
11. My Confession ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
12. Song Of The Islands ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
13. I'm A Plain Old Country Girl ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
14. Wednesday Night Waltz ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
15. You Belong To My Heart ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
16. Down On The Farm ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
17. If One Won't, Another Will ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
18. Just A Closer Walk With Thee ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
19. Guitar Solo ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
20. Beautiful Morning Glory ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
21. On The Rock Where Moses Stood ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
22. Daisy ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
23. Guitar Waltz ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
24. Cornbread And 'Lasses ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
25. The Tear-Stained Letter ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
26. Goin' Home This Evening ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
27. South ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
28. Up The Blue Ridge Mountains ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
29. Ragtime Annie/In The Pines ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
30. Keep Movin' On ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
31. Guitar Solo ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
32. Fiddle Solo/In The Pines ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
33. All The World Is Lonely Now ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
34. Where Shall I Be ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
35. Seeing Nellie Home ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
36. The Wave On The Sea ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash
37. Fiddle Solo/In The Pines ListenNews - June Carter Cash Listen News - June Carter Cash

The Music page has been updated with a terrific interview done by June in 1999. And we have also added a Song of the Week to the Home Page. More should be coming as soon as I get myself in gear. Summer has put up some more really terrific Pictures and more updates should be coming soon.

A page of Links has been added as well as a new Video in the Solo section and a new Article.

We will also be adding a Music page very soon, so keep checking back for updates.

Summer has added some new pictures, we have added a few more videos in the Solo and Duets section and have now added a live Chat page, so check it out when you get the chance.

Here is the track list for the June Carter Tribute Album due out June 19, 2007

Anchored In Love: A Tribute To June Carter Cash:
01. If I Were A Carpenter - Sheryl Crow and Willie Nelson
02. Jackson - Carlene Carter and Ronnie Dunn
03. Wildwood Flower - Loretta Lynn
04. Far Side Banks Of Jordan - Patty Loveless and Kris Kristofferson
05. Keep On The Sunny Side - Brad Paisley
06. Wings Of Angels - Rosanne Cash
07. Ring Of Fire - Elvis Costello
08. Road To Kaintuck - Billy Bob Thornton and the Peasall Sisters
09. Big Yellow Peaches - Grey De Lisle
10. Kneeling Drunkard Plea - Billy Joe Shaver
11. Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Ralph Stanley
12. Song To John - Emmylou Harris


Today June Carter and Johnny Cash would have celebrated
their 39th anniversary.

Over the threshold

Some Videos have been added to the Comedy and Solo sections and a new Article has also been added, the article isn't really about her, but the picture is of her.

YouTube has been spazing out lately so if a video isn't playing then please let us know.

There's a new video of the week up on the Home Page, and everyone has been adding some really terrific Quotes, too.

And Summer found this really terrific article about John Carter's book and tribute album about his mom:

Friday, February 16, 2007 – The life of the late country music legend June Carter Cash will be celebrated this June 19, 4 days before her birthday, with the simultaneous release of an all-star tribute album and a memoir/biography written by her son, John Carter Cash.

"Anchored In Love: A Tribute to June Carter Cash" (Dualtone) was conceived and produced by Cash, the only child of Johnny and June, and features songs written by or associated with the beloved singer, and performed by singers including Elvis Costello, Billy Bob Thornton, Sheryl Crow and Willie Nelson. The disc was recorded throughout 2006, primarily at the fabled Cash Cabin Studio on the Cash property in Hendersonville, Tenn.

The CD will coincide with the publication of Cash's book, "Anchored in Love: An Intimate Portrait of June Carter Cash" (Thomas Nelson). The only biography of June Carter Cash available, the book describes John Carter's vivid recollections of life with his mother as it chronicles her life from childhood in Appalachia, the early days touring with the Carter Family band, her marriages before Johnny Cash, her early fame, her romance with Johnny Cash and her many ups and downs that followed.

Says John Carter Cash, "I hope through these pages people may come to know my mother in some of the ways I have known her, that though they may read of her pain, they will see her strength and beauty most of all."

About "Anchored In Love: A Tribute to June Carter Cash," John Carter said, "Almost all of the people who participated in the album were family or friends who knew her personally. Everyone who appears on the record, whether they knew her or not, respected her and loved her dearly. Emmylou Harris was a close friend for years and years. Mom was a close friend with Billy Bob Thornton, Kris Kristofferson, Sheryl Crow, Ronnie Dunn and Willie Nelson. It's just a gathering of loved ones, really, to pay homage to her music. She wrote some of the songs, like 'Ring of Fire,' and the very personal 'Song to John,' which Emmylou sings; most of the rest are songs that she perpetuated or made famous like 'Wildwood Flower' (sung by Loretta Lynn) and 'Will the Circle Be Unbroken.'"

Costello sings "Ring of Fire." "I always had Costello in mind to sing 'Ring of Fire,'" said Cash. "He was very close with both of my parents, and it was his suggestion that we use autoharp in order to focus more on my mother's version of the song rather than my father's version."

Other performances range from a dynamic duet between between Nelson and Crow on the lead-off track "If I Were A Carpenter" to Carlene Carter and Ronnie Dunn's foot-stomping duet on "Jackson" to Thornton and the Peasall Sisters' austere interpretation of "Road to Kaintuck," and Roseanne Cash's take on the spiritual "Wings of Angels."

Ralph Stanley recorded "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" in the old Carter family home in southwest Virginia, the lifelong home of June's mother, Maybelle Carter. Cash remembers, "It was an enlightening and unforgettable experience to see such an icon of regal standing paying respects to one of his contemporaries."

Cash found the experience of working with Lynn similarly gratifying, describing it as "a beautiful experience. She told stories about my mother from the early days in the 1960s and how they were on the road together. But the most overwhelming thing to me about being around Loretta is how much like my mother she is - her temperance, her speech, how caring she is as a human being. So it was very touching to be in the studio with her; it was almost like being in the studio with my mom."

"Some of the musicians who played on the tracks - Randy Scruggs, Norman Blake, Dave Roe, Marty Stuart, Dennis Crouch, my wife Laura - knew my mother very well. But I have to step back and say that a lot of it is just creative magic. That is just what happens when you put great artists and great songs together. It comes out in respect to her, and that common thread is clear."

Other songs on the disc are: "Far Side Banks of Jordan" - Patty Loveless and Kris Kristofferson; "Keep On the Sunny Side" - Brad Paisley; "Big Yellow Peaches" - Grey De Lisle and "Kneeling Drunkard Plea" - Billy Joe Shaver.


To celebrate the holiday we've put up a new article that came out a few years ago about the relationship of June and her husband, Johnny Cash. Enjoy and don't forget to give your favorite sweetheart a great big smacker.

The Biography section has finally been updated. Sorry it took me so long. Go read it, and ooh and aah over it, because it took a long time to write and I'm sure I gave a lot of people headaches making them proofread it a million times.

To add to that I think just about every page here has been updated. Pictures has been updated, Quotes, Videos, Articles and the Poems pages have all been updated so go take a look.

Everyone's been super busy updating the Videos and Pictures sections so go take a look at all the new eye candy.

And Katie just made a really great collage photo on the Home page.

Hi everybody! We sure have been busy updating everything these last few days.

Summer and Claudia have added some more really terrific Pictures, there's a new Quotes page for quotes by and about June, and Katie has put up a really hilarious video of June singing Baby It's Cold Outside with Homer and Jethro in the Comedy section. And a Solo page has been added to the Video section for when June's featured in a video. Go take a look!

Claudia has added some new Pictures and they're really great, so go look at them.

And Katie has added some really terrific video clips in the Interviews and Comedy sections.

And a new Poem has been added!

And for anyone that has the Hallmark Channel; June is going to be on Little House on the Prairie tomorrow.

Little House on the Prairie

The Collection Starring Sidney Greenbush, Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Hope Summers, Queenie Smith, Michael Landon.
A con man makes off with donated money and goods. Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Dabbs Greer, Michael Landon. 60 minutes- TV-G, USA, (CC), Stereo
Thu Feb 8 03:00P on Hallmark Channel

Two new Articles have been added! And Summer has added some very nice pictures in the Pictures section. And a Comedy page and Duets page have been added to the Videos section, as well as the Interview page being updated. Go take a look!

Haha, I'm going a little crazy with the links, but it's fun and I enjoy it, and it makes life easier for all of us.

Pictures has been updated. More should be coming soon!

Take a look at our new banner that Katie made! Sure is nice!

We also have added a poem to the Poems section!

And we have added an Articles Section. Until I can get my scanner working it's only going to be text, but as soon as I get that piece of junk up and running again I'll scan all the lovely pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Special welcome to our newest Administrator, Claudia! YAY!

Some interviews of June has been added in a subsection of Videos so check those out when you get a chance!

And a Poems section has been added as well to showcase June's wild sense of humor.

And we have also added a Site Meter to our site so be sure to check back often for updates!

Okay, Katie has updated pictures. Some of my favorites are in there, too!

And Rennert from YouTube has been very thoughtful in giving us permission to embed some of the videos he's posted; so expect more of those goodies as well.

And Home has been given a little bit of a lift, including Video of the Week (which I will hopefully remember to update).

I'm still working on the biography, but because I'm so incredibly picky about my writing it might be a bit of a wait, but in the meantime we'll try to get some more pages up!

Okay I am very happy to announce that this website is now running. Updates should be done daily. So far we have a completed Discography, in the works Biography, and a video on the Video page and hopefully we will get the Picture page running this weekend.

And I am especially pleased to announce that we have two new administrators. Katie and Summer. YAY!

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