Oh, Lonesome Me

Lyrics Shared By: Jennifer

Don Gibson: Oh, everybody’s going out and having fun
June Carter: And having fun
Don: I’m just a fool for staying home and having none
Now you sing.
June: I can’t get over how you set me free
June and Don: Oh, lonesome me
June: A bad mistake I’m making by just hanging around
I know that I should have some fun and paint the town
Don: A lovesick fool is blind and just can’t see
June: uh-huh
Don and June: Oh, lonesome me
June: Well, I bet he’s not like me
He’s out and fancy-free
Flirting with the girls with all his charms
Don: Oh, but I still love her so
June: I’m glad of that.
Don: And brother don’t you know
I’d welcome her right back here in my arms
June: Here I am.
Don: Oh, there must be some way I can lose these lonesome blues
Sing, girl
Forget about the past and fine somebody new
June: I’ve thought of everything from A to Z
Don and June: Oh, lonesome me
Oh, lonesome me
June: Am I hurting enough?
Don: One more time real lonesome.
Don and June: Oh, lonesome me

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