Mama Teach Me

Lyrics Shared By: Jennifer

Hello, honey.

Do you like your mama?

Oh, you love your mama?

Well, that’s nice cause I love you too.

Hey honey?

Would you dance with Mama?

You want to do the twist?

You don’t know how? You want me to teach you how?

Now come on don’t be bashful.

Okay. Now you just do everything I tell you and I’ll teach you to do the twist.

First you pretend you’re taking a shower.

Yes, a shower.

Now come on we’re just pretending.

Okay. Now you take a towel and you put it behind you and you dry yourself off.

Now pay attention to the beat and start drying yourself with a towel. That’s it. You’re doing fine. That’s great. That’s it.

No, there’s one more thing you got to do.

Okay. While you’re drying yourself off with a towel. Pretend you’re grinding out a cigarette out with your foot.

Uh-uh? Why?

No, you won’t burn your foot. This is just make believe. Now you do it. You dry with a towel and you grind with your foot. Hey, that’s fine. That’s it. Now you’re doing the twist.

Hey--hey, wait. Hey, get your knee out of your nose. Hey, oh mercy. Oh goodness. Oh, no. You have tied yourself in a knot.

Oh, you broke your little head. Well, you better let Mama kiss it.
Now don’t worry, honey. Mama’s right here with you. Yes, she is.

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