It'll Aggravate Your Soul

June Carter: This is a true story.
It was written by our uncle, A.P. Carter,
and this is the way he lived it and this is the way he sung it.

Carter Sisters:
Now all young people take warning from me
Don’t take no girl to Tennessee
For if you get married and don’t agree
It’ll aggravate your soul

We left Maces early in the night
Expect to get married before daylight
So many things happened to hinder our flight
It aggravated my soul

We arrived into Bristol at 11:00
The parson was there right on the spot
We found that the license had been forgot
It aggravated my soul

We ran for the license in an automobile
Ran so fast you couldn’t see the wheels
No one can explain how bad I did feel
It aggravated my soul

We stayed all night in the Bristol hotel
Just to make folks think we were swell
Next morning they put it in the Bristol Herald
It aggravated my soul

She wants a new coat and a hobble skirt
And you can’t get in before the youngens enter
And when she gets out, oh, how she does flirt
It aggravated my soul

Now when the past gathers around your head
You'll think of what your dear old mother said
With the pain in your back and heart and head
It'll aggravate your soul

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