If One Won't, Another Will

Lyrics Shared By: Jennifer

Chester Atkins:
I went one Sunday evening
My true love for to see
I asked her to marry
And she would not answer me

June Carter:
Sir, if I should answer
I’d choose a single life
I never thought it suited
For me to be your wife

You’re just a plain old country boy
I cannot stand your looks
You’d look a little better, sir
With some money in your pocketbook

June: You’re poor and I ain’t a aiming to marry you as long as you’re poor.
Chester: Okay, go on and hush.

Times can surely change things
And something happened funny
My grandpa died and left to me
His property and money

In the course of 16 weeks later
That lady’s mind did change
She wrote me a letter
June: Kind sir, I feel ashamed

I feel as though I’ve slighted you
I can not hear your moan
So here’s my heart, come take it
And claim it as your own

Well, I answered back her letter
I sent it back with speed
I only once did love you
And I loved you, yes indeed

Upon some pretty, fair maiden
My heart will have its fill
That’s the moral of this story Both: If one won’t, another one will

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