I Said my Nightshirt and Put on my Prayers

Lyrics Shared By: Jennifer

June: Howdy, Fellers!
Homer: Ah, hello there, Junebug.
June: What ya’ll doing standing on your heads?
Jethro: Well, after we took you home last night and you kissed us.

Homer and Jethro:
We climbed up the door, and opened the stairs
We said our nightshirts and put on our prayers
We turned off the bed and crawled into the light
And all because you kissed us (kissing sound) goodnight

June: Gosh, fellers, that ain’t nothing. Wait till you’uns hear what happened to me.

I powdered my hair and pinned up my nose
I hung up the bath and I turned on my clothes
I put out the clock and I wound the cat up tight
And all because you’uns kissed me (kissing sound) goodnight

All: Next evening we felt normal, so we went out again
And we all started kissing

June: And you know what happened then?
Jethro: What, June?

I ran up the shade and I pulled down the stairs
I curled up the rug, and I vacuumed my hairs
I just couldn't tell my left foot from my right
And all because you’uns kissed me (whistling sound) goodnight

I painted the field and I plowed up the shed
I cut up the pigs and I fed ‘em to the bread
And I milked the horse and I saddled up the cow
And all because you’uns kissed me, ooh-wow

Homer and Jethro:
We tuned up our teeth and brushed our guitars
We smoked our breakfast and eat some big cigars
We got our uncle loaded and shook hands with our guns
And all because you kissed us, honeybunch

June: I was so slap-hap-happy, I couldn’t sing them blues
Homer and Jethro: We got so durn mixed up we even put on our shoes

June: You climbed up the door Homer and Jethro: we opened the stair
June: I said my nightshirt Jethro: Then you put on your prayers
June: It was the evening of the night and the sun was shining bright
All: And all because we kissed (kissing sound) goodnight

Jethro: Hey, June, how about another kiss, kiss for me?
Homer: Yeah, how about one for me too, June.
Jethro: Now you wait a minute, Homer. It’s my turn.
Homer: Now Jethro you had enough.
June: Aww, now wait a minute fellers. Close your eyes and pucker up and I’ll kiss the both of you.
(kissing sound)
Homer: Hey, June.
June: Huh?
Homer: You need to shave.
June: What do you mean I need to shave? You just kissed Jethro.
Homer and Jethro: Well, good night!

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