Hey Jailer Man

Lyrics Shared By: Jennifer

Hey, jailer man
I just heard today
You’ve had my baby
Locked up since yesterday
And I’m here to say
That I don’t want my baby treated this way

I woke up and he was gone
I found myself alone
And you know that’s wrong
I come here to take my baby home

What’s that you say
He got out of hand
If you’ll just let him go
I’ll handle him if I can
And I think I can
Cause I’m the only one he understands

I’ve come to go his bail
Or fight you tooth and nail
Without fail
But I come here to get my baby out of jail

Now look here, jailer man
My man ain’t ordinary
I know that he ain’t perfect
He’s the one I married
So don’t you be contrary
Cause I had all the lonesome I can carry

Now I let out a yell
And I’ll have me a mad spell
You can tell
If you don’t let my baby out of jail

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