Handwritten Letter 1979

June wrote the following four pages about a dream she had
January 11, 1979.
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Handwritten Letter 1979 - June Carter Cash Handwritten Letter 1979 - June Carter Cash

Handwritten Letter 1979 - June Carter Cash Handwritten Letter 1979 - June Carter Cash

Below is June's dream typed up by me, for people who are having trouble reading June's handwriting. There are a few words that she wrote, that I had no idea what they were, but It's all here for the most part. She spelled some words wrong and the grammar/ punctuation isn't all that great, but It's a very detailed and interesting, so enjoy!

To Penny-
My friend- A dream by June Carter Cash-

I couldn’t tell if it was a nightmare or if the end had finally come. I knew I was lying on my back in my bed- and I couldn’t move- but I could see the heavens above me. They rolled in shades of red orange dark blue and black, and all I could do was stare- Then the heavens started rolling away and a large glorious light fought its way through the rolling colors and started to roll them away. They parted, as if by some miracle hand of God. I began to see the wonderful face of Christ- Mirrored by all the rolling colors- and his body fought through to gain control of the heavens- and there he was- straight above me in the sky- I thought- it is the end- the time is here and I began to see the graves open and the heavenly bodies rise above me to move toward Christ and his out-stretched hand. At first I couldn’t move, then he looked at me, reached down his hand

and I grasped it and I began to fly- not as a bird or in any sense of that- I just began to rise above the house the trees the hills, the mountains and vallys __?__ – I knew I was going house, and I had no desire to return to earth- just eager to continue on my trip to heaven- I saw my loved ones began to rise and that was a glorious feeling that we were all going together. As I soared on my way to heaven I took one last look below to see what was there, I saw hundred of people still on the ground- and I looked to find the face of my friend and Co-worker Penny Lane- She could not move, she could not fly- and I hesitated to call down to her- “Come on Penny Come on”- Still she couldn’t move, and in my happiness as I __?__ I had such feelings of despair – How could I leave Penny below? She had been my dear Friend for years- Combed my hair and made me look a little better in the 5 minutes

that I gave, her, if I was lucky, - to go on camera or TV or where ever I was to appear - There I was on my way to glory and she couldn’t get her feet off the ground- I rem-(remember?) looking to Christ and saying, I can’t go without Penny- I just cant go- I had to strain and pull myself downward again to try to reach for her but it seemed impossible- From some where I remembered that all things were passive with God- so I guess I could on that promise and I began to slowly drift- I couldn’t tell but I finally reached my hands down to grasp hers from the hundreds of reaching hands. She felt as if she weighed a thousand pounds- I’d pull and we’d rise again but down we would fall again- Pulled until I was exhausted- then I remembered to look and again to Jesus

and in his mercy, he reached for both of us and we started again above the mountains- The red and black firey sky, just rolled and was a wonderful window for the frame we passed through on our way to glory- I was happy- now- Penny was, no longer caught in the horrible web of confusion and sin below- The rise with the saints- and I shouted- “Come on Penny, Come on”!!!

June Carter Cash-
Jan. 11, 1979-
at home on the Lake-
Hendersonville, Tenn-

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