Engine 143

Lyrics Shared By: Jennifer

Along came the FFV, the swiftest on the line
Running o’er the C. n’O Road
Just 20 minutes behind

Running into Souville headquarters on the line
Receiving their strict orders
From a station just behind

Up the road she darted
Against the rock she crushed

Upside down the engine turned
And Georgie’s breast did smash
His head was against the firebox door
The flames were rolling high
“I’m glad I’m gonna be an engineer on the C. n’O Road to die.”

The doctor said to Georgie
My darling boy be still
Your life may yet be saved
If it is, God bless it will

Oh, no, said George that will not due
I want to die for free
I want to die for the engine I love
One hundred and forty three

Announcer: That’s fine that was little 10 year old June singing for you. And what was the name of that number now?
June: I was just going to sing Engine 143.

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