Blue Skies And Sunshine

Lyrics Shared By: Jennifer

June, Helen, and Anita Carter:
The forecast this morning said
Warm and clear skies
But my skies are cloudy
And I’ll tell you why

Skies won’t stay blue
Now that we’re apart
Carter Sisters: Not since another has
Stolen your heart

Carter Sisters:
Each day in my memory
I see a blue sky
And there is the sunshine
Shining so high

And then as I watch it
A storm cloud appeared
Carter Sisters: Taking my sunshine
And leaving me here

Carter Sisters:
I was a blue sky
The sunshine was you
The storm cloud’s another
Who wanted you too

But when my blue skies
Were turned into gray
Carter Sisters: The storm cloud came over
And took you away

I’m praying, darling
You won’t see the time
Carter Sisters: When your heart is breaking
And aching like mine

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